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Oracle Cards


Palette Painting Mini Cards


Please enjoy this deck of mini cards (2″ x 3″ in size) that were created from images of my little palette paintings.

It is an intuitive deck, leaving the interpretation up to you.

The deck comes with 52 cards – with an option to choose a 26 Card Double Deck or a deck of 52 cards that are all different. If you choose the “Double Deck”, you can use the spare cards to give away, play the match game or have a more intense reading if a card is picked twice.

Each deck includes:  52 Cards and an information sheet.


Soul Path Oracle Deck


Creating the artwork for this Soul Path Oracle Deck by Terra Kenzie Longacre @ Heart2Heart Journey, was a wonderful experience and I hope you get a chance to check these cards out.

This 44 card Oracle Deck was created to be a trusty & faithful companion to your curious heart as you connect with your inner wisdom and higher power and activate your magic!

– 44 Card deck
– 400 gsm card stock, matte finish with gold foil edges
– 71 page Guide Book with 3 spread layouts & instructions
– Gold Foil box design

If you would like to order a set of these wonderful cards, please visit


soul path oracle
Soul Path Oracle
oracle cards

Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck

I would love to share my illustrative work with you that I have done for this oracle deck.

Written by Debbie A. Anderson, a British clairvoyant, creator of Vibrational Energy healing, this deck of 52 cards comes with a detailed guide book that includes interpretations and Five Dimensions of the Vibrational Soul spread layout instructions, to help you discover and unlock the secrets to your vibrational healing energy.

This Divination Set includes 52 Vibrational Energy cards &  an interpretation and layout guidebook by author Debbie A. Anderson.

If you would like to order a set of these wonderful cards, please visit

cello wrapped
deck and guide book
the cards